Wellness FOMO

image via weheartit

image via weheartit

It gets a bad wrap, but social media can be pretty cool. The recent craze of self care, prioritizing me time, openly discussing mental health, reinforcing positivity, and promoting healthy lifestyles...fully present for the movement. However, I'd be lying if I said it didn't cause some added pressure and get me questioning whether I'm good enough at this whole wellness/shitting rainbows thing. I don't particularly like Mondays and sometimes I'm not so great at setting the pace for the week. Are there enough steps in my skincare regimen, too many? Am I eating enough plant based, organic foods? What does organic really mean anyway? I like celery juice but cleaning out the juicer is time consuming so I haven't made it in weeks. The last cleanse I did was seven years ago and I totally cheated on day two. I've been eating too much sugar and dairy and it's showing all over my face. I simply cannot meditate and sometimes my anxiety is all encompassing. I like drinking wine on my couch during the week and I feel guilty about it now and then.

These days, it’s impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing girls wrapped in what appears to be a giant, industrial size garbage bag (I'm sure it’s something much more sophisticated) in the sauna with the caption, “detox time!” Apparently there’s now an entire gym for your face. No, really- it’s called Face Gym and this is a thing that exists. I barely want to go to the regular gym and now I have to worry about working out my face? At Shape House you’re on a bed in an infrared wrap with giant headphones watching Netflix. I can’t even tell you how much a session costs because you have to create an account to find out…doesn’t sound promising. LED beds are all the rage and a 20 minute session will set you back $150. What if you’re not a Victoria’s Secret Angel and spending $38 once a week at Higher Dose doesn’t exactly fit in your budget? Listen, I know it’s a choice to follow these people and I’m not hating on it, I truly enjoy a lot of content out there. I’ve tried the infrared sauna a few times and freaking loved it. I have no doubt these things are effective. What I’m saying is, it can leave you feeling like the C in an A, B conversation...you feel me? Wellness looks different on everyone. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to settle for the regular ol’ sauna at your gym or have been on an all beige food diet. Having the Sunday scaries that lead to a “case of the Mondays” is more than ok. All of this extra stuff is purely discretionary. Go get a massage or a mani, that shit is timeless.

Some affordable places to get your wellness on:

SoJo Spa Club- Services at this Korean spa resort in Edgewater, NJ will cost you a pretty penny but for $60 on weekdays and $80 on weekends/holidays, you’re given access to all open amenities like the hydrotherapy pool, foot massage bath, and saunas. Pro tip: they offer shuttle services from NYC.

Chillhouse- Chillhouse makes self care easy, accessible, affordable and honestly just cool. This East Village one stop shop has a cafe menu infused with calming adaptogens like ashwaganda to ensure you reach optimal chill levels before moving onto the mani and/or massage areas. If you’re watching your spending and looking to get quick results, I’d suggest getting The Focus, a 25 min massage for $45 that targets specific areas that need some extra TLC.

Bliss- There are multiple Bliss Spas in the NYC area. The Hoboken location is always offering some sort of promo. Right now they’re offering “100 Days of Happy” where all standard services are $100.

Salvation Wellness- Small, organic spa in Downtown Jersey City. I’ve been a few times for lymphatic drainage and therapeutic massages and have nothing but positive things to say. The therapists are professional and informative. If you pay in cash, you receive $20 off any 60 minute massage.