So, I started a blog. I know, REAL ORIGINAL. Trust me, I’ve had the “but who seriously cares?” moment also. The truth is, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but struggled with the “I’m going to be judged so hard” inner dialogue that I couldn’t get past. Now that I’m a grown ass woman, I’m finally over it...kinda. TBH, my main interests lie in all things lifestyle- self-care, wellness, where to eat, where to go and what to do once you’re there, decor, skin care, beauty, etc. This is the stuff I’m researching during my down time, plus I love to write, so why not do something with it? 

Aside from genuinely being passionate about all of these topics, and kinda getting over the initial fear of putting myself out there, I started the site because, drum-roll...I got laid off from my job last month, so I finally have the time and focus to do it. Now, before you start to feel sorry for me because a) losing a job sucks no matter what the circumstance is and b) I’m getting married in less than three months and weddings are, in short, outrageously expensive...I was miserable. I’ll spare you the gory details but- I was anxious beyond belief on a day to day basis, my eyelashes were falling out, and towards the end, I was in tears at least two times a week out of pure frustration for simply still being there knowing I should have made the metaphorical jump a long time ago. Sounds like the basis for overall happiness, well-being, and mental health, right?  Wrong. So, it goes without saying, this is not a platform for preaching. I clearly do not have it all together and still have a lot of figuring out to do. 

I’m trying to make the most of it and navigate the waters appropriately. I’ve had my what the fuck am I going to do, one bottle of wine is not enough, episodes the last month but overall- I’m taking it in stride. If you ever find yourself in this situation, just take care of yourself. It’s been the most valuable piece of advice I’ve gotten that resonated most with me so far. It’s an easy situation to fall into the “woe is me” routine, but you have to fight it. Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a couple of weeks to feel sorry for yourself and obsess over imaginary scenarios, then pick yourself back up and figure out what it is you really, truly want to do. There’s no time like the present. 

Now, will everything I post be of interest to everyone? Of course not. Will I get some eye rolls? Perhaps. To me, “lifestyle” is all the little intricacies of day to day life that make up the entire experience. Whether it’s a bomb new brunch place you discovered, an inspirational podcast, a meditation app, a next level face mask, a new cocktail bar that opened up down the block, or a really good book- these are the tiny, seemingly insignificant things that make up a good portion of the day and lead to some really amazing moments and connections. My objective is to share information about (hopefully) relevant content in a realistic way.

In lieu of that notion, here are some links to articles, podcasts, and apps that have helped me get my head straight the last few weeks just in case someone who’s reading is dealing with a similar situation:

Second Life Podcast by Co-founder of WhoWhatWear’s Hillary Kerr- I love this podcast. Hillary interviews badass women who have made major career changes, oftentimes a little later in life. It’s inspiring and a friendly reminder nothing good comes without good old fashioned hard work and that it’s never too late to turn it all around. 

This article from The Chill Times- Need I say more? This article popped into my feed the day I got laid off...I have never felt so seen. 

10 Things People Won’t Tell You When You Lose Your Job- Sometimes basic guides are just what the doctor ordered. I found this one to be extremely relatable and helpful.

Journal- Simply writing down your thoughts and feelings or setting goals and intentions. I love this one in particular. I don’t actually own it- I just have a gratitude journal but am tempted to do the ole’ “click to buy”.

Get organized- I’m talking everything from a closet purge, cleaning out your beauty products, reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, getting your email in check (sometimes a major, time consuming undertaking), to actually writing down your to do lists. Aside from the standard notes app on your iPhone, Evernote is also a great tool for getting your shit in order. 

Get lost in a good book- Tried-and-true stress relief.

Spend time with family and friends- Right after it went down, we happened to have a lot of family time on the horizon. I thought it would be terrible but it actually was exactly what the doctor ordered

BREATHE- Last but certainly not least, inhale, exhale, and let that shit go. Namaste.